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    Your life, by its very nature, is a growth process. And to be alive, to thrive, requires MORE.

    If you’re not expanding who you are and the impact you’re having on your world, then you’re not thriving.  If you’re not increasing the treasures you have and the pleasures you experience, then you’re not thriving.

    Surviving, but not thriving.  You know what I’m talking about it.  That sinking feeling in your gut…shouldn’t there be something more?

    Maybe if you had that one thing, then you’d be satisfied…

    More money?

    Other people have it, but you don’t because you’ve been looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place.

    What you lack isn’t more money. It’s personal power.

    Learn what it is and how to cultivate it.

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    Helping MEN…

    to gain more love, money, sex and adventure

    Helping WOMEN…

    to be fully expressed and empowered in relationships

    If life is a game, then the way to win the game is to have a great coach

    • “Lucas has an energy that makes me feel so fully seen, cared for and loved! He held the space fully, completely and without judgment. We talked about me and my fears and he helped me walk through them with love, grace and dignity! I feel like I am more open, deeper on my path to finding and being with the man I deeply desire in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt sensual feelings without them being attached to sex! It was so beautiful and amazing. His work is to help us as women to feel the love and see how the love of a man can show up in all different ways…It’s all about what we need….He is completely there to serve us as women! I can not say enough about Lucas and what he has to offer.” -L.L, Lafayette, CA

    • “Dear Lucas: I want to thank you for all you gave me as we worked together. I feel a deeper opening and connection to myself, my higher self, my powerful self, and accepting of myself… You have shown me unconditional love and helped me through my own filters when I thought I was being unconditional when I really wasn’t. With your love, support and gentle guidance, I feel I have stepped into my power and the leader that I have wanted to be. Relationships on all levels have shifted and changed and I am now speaking my truth cleaner and clearer than I had in my past. I always felt I spoke my truth but working with you and the sexual side of our in person visits has shown me, how much I hadn’t come from my authentic self. I was coming from the scared little girl who just wanted to be loved and would forsake herself to please others. You are a blessing to this world and all who work with you, for you see the hidden sides and have such a beautiful way of bringing the lightness in with unconditional love, intuition, authentic truth and pure heart!” -K.P., Pleasanton, CA

    • “Lucas is the most grounded, warm-hearted, visionary healer I’ve ever met. With Lucas, I feel seen and heard at a really profound and DNA-changing level. The first time he expressed his appreciation for me, I started to cry… because I had never felt so truly loved and honored by anyone, least of all a man. In fact, Luke is the first man with whom I’ve ever felt truly safe. But I’m not just talking about physical safety. I’m talking about a man who can really, deeply see you, see the truth of who you are—the beauty and brilliance of you as a whole, healthy, and Soul-full woman—and treat it with the utmost reverence and respect. Lucas is able to listen with an open heart and then guide you to find your own depths of wisdom, beauty and power. With Luke I feel cherished, which is the experience all women deserve but most of us are starving for. Because of what I’ve learned from him, I now know it is possible to experience the kind of deep, Soul-full love and intimacy I used to only dream about. For me, Lucas is the new standard for a truly conscious, courageous, and passionate man. His work is a gift.” -A.S., Oakland, CA

    • “Working with Lucas created some major breakthroughs for me. Initially, I was expecting something specific to happen… Instead, what I discovered was there was something much more important that needed to unfold. Luke is an expert at holding a sacred and safe space for vulnerability to emerge. This allowed me to let go of the need to control and begin to trust more. Because of this process, I am no longer experiencing painful intercourse…it is super juicy now and love is blossoming all around me. My business has also blossomed…I believe love and money are related. If anyone wants to talk directly to me, feel free to refer them to me.” -K.S., Mill Valley, CA

    • “Since working with Luke I’m more engaged. If it were a shampoo, I’d call it “backbone on tap.” I am just firm in my conviction now!” —Adam H., NYC

    • “I have been using Luke’s Life Coaching Service for several months now. He offers a free intro session for discovering what it is like being coached by him. I knew right away he was the coach for me. He provides a safe space, free of judgment, while being present with me. Luke is enthusiastic, honest, heart-felt, spiritual, intelligent, dedicated, present, and insightful. Look forward to the guided meditation where you will meet your future self. Thanks to Luke I have made some changes in my business, personal life and spiritual development. Thank you Luke, I appreciate you.” —Gregory L, Aptos, CA

    • “Luke has a great way of rerouting the mind when it starts to eddy–he shines the light on distorted thinking and quickly turns it around in a more productive direction. He is a great listener and always gives his full presence. I always felt very seen and validated…The benefit of having worked with Luke was having someone in my life that helped me be more accountable, to set some goals, and stick to them.” —Caroline W., Marin, CA

    • “I have had many coaches in my life but never a life coach. He was very intuitive to who I am, and how I am being. In the first session he discovered some great ah-has for me, and gave me some homework to improve my life. He is a game changer, and if you ever need someone to help you reach that next level he is the guy. Thanks, Luke.” —Rob R., Capitola, CA

    • “I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Luke for the past 2 years. Luke has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of insight, creativity, and professionalism that has enabled me to make tremendous strides forward in my life, both professionally and personally. If you’re ready to move forward with your life and wish to be supported and challenged in a unique way – you can’t have a better coach and guide than Luke.” —Woody N., Watsonville, CA

    • “He has practical step by step approaches that are effective, and he is very down to earth and easy to talk to.” —Tiffane L, Santa Cruz, CA

    • “Luke has 100% ownership of being himself! He is direct. He uses “real” words when talking with me. Use of these words helps me know that he is being truly authentic to manhood. He keeps it real! He holds a safe container with fierce power. I feel my safest when I do my work with him… I truly enjoy our in-person and phone time. I am more in touch with my masculine energy because of my work with Luke.” —Scott M., San Francisco

    • “Luke’s greatest gifts as a coach are his intuition, his ability to not only listen, but to get right to the source of what’s going on with me. He seems to maintain a clear sight (and insight) as to what direction I’m headed and what direction I need to be going… Working with Luke has proven to be highly complementary to the system I already have in place, and from our very first session, my health, my relationships and my life began to improve in profound and sustainable ways. I look forward to having Luke on “Team Katie” for years to come!” —Katie, B., NYC

    • “When I first went to Luke Lehman I was at a crossroads in my life. I had dreams of starting my own business but had some self-limiting fears and saboteurs. With the tools that you learn through your coaching sessions, challenges and fears are welcomed and not avoided. I’ve been with Luke for three months, and my business is growing and thriving! Lucas Roy Lehman Coaching has had a very profound effect on me and I highly recommend trying a session. The old adage that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” will become your rallying cry. Thank you, Luke!” —Mike C, Santa Cruz, CA

    • “I now have greater sexual range and new awareness. It feels like I walked into a whole new room! Luke opened my brain and heart to the benefits of vulnerability. He is the resource for answers to “delicate” questions around sexuality and intimacy.” —Chris M., Chico, CA

    • “I was drawn to Luke as a coach because I thought his life experiences and attitude would lend itself to an inspired, pragmatic and very grounded approach to his craft. Luke exceeded my expectations!” —B.D., Santa Cruz

    • “Luke has a uniquely honest and balanced perspective of the world. I knew that anything I said would be met without judgment. Also, equally as important and unique: I knew he would (gently and with humor) call me on my bullshit! I learned to see my own true desires, so I could stand my ground. As a result we are moving forward and I am getting everything I wanted in love. Life is pretty sweet right now!” —Rachel M., NYC